FIFA 15 Stadium Server

Stadium Server 15 will allow you to add and assign unlimited stadiums in FIFA 15, aswell overlays and intro match movies.

Stadium Server 15 Version 0.5 DOWNLOAD

ServerMap.dll Update for those that get no ids -DOWNLOAD

ServerMap.dll Update for use with modding way patch 1.6 and above -DOWNLOAD

ServerMap.dll Update for use with Fifa15.exe v1.5 -DOWNLOAD
Stadium Server V1.1 and Servermap.dll for use with v1.5 & 1.6 ( including Moddingway) plus Version 1.3 which is used with the European Expansion PatchDOWNLOAD

ServerMap.dll Update for use with Fifa15.exe v1.7 - DOWNLOAD

This Version comes with an added ServerMap.dll which make updating in future easier when ea updates the game, only the .DLL will be needed to be downloaded

The latest Version of Stadium Server 15 is now updated to Version 2.0
Change Log:-

– You can now add additional pitchmow patterns and net textures (Same method as adding TV logos)
– The tool now automatically checks version of exe and assigns correct values.
– Includes ServerMap.dll update for use with FIFA15.exe v1.3 v.1.5., v.1.6., v.1.7.
– Compatibility with MW and EEP mods included
- u no longer need to select the EEP mode, does it automaticly now.
- from now on new dll updates will use this version of the program, 
Stadium server v1 & V1.1 will no longer be able to be updated.

- dll update for v1.7

-update of tool for compatibility with the European Expansion Patch
-Dll update for v1.6
– Fixed compatibility with FIFA 15 Title Update 1.4
– Added Server Map


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